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The wizard of Oz on ice (sobre hielo)

The Wizard of Oz on Ice - Fue una producción de 1995 de Kenneth Feld, que duró hasta 1999. Se puede adquirir en Amazon en VHS.

The Cast of the Wizard of Oz on Ice

Jerry Campbell..........Dorothy
Andrei Kirov........Scarecrow
Brent Frank..............Tin Man
Mark Richard Farrington....Lion
Chris Hargreaves........Wizard
Nancy Barber........Wicked Witch
Claire Holden.............Glinda
Director - Jerry Bilik
Producer - Kenneth Feld
Production Designer - Mark Fisher
Costume Designer - Frank Krenz
Choreographer & Creative Consultant - Robin Cousins
Lighting Designer - LeRoy Bennett
Featuring the voice of Bobby McFerrin as Just about everybody (and Too, Too!)
with Laurnea Wilkerson as the voice of Dorothy
Story & Music Adapted & Prodeced by - Jerry Bilik


Scene 1... A Farm in Kansas

Scene 2... Proffesor Marvel's Caravan

Scene 3...Tornado!

Scene 4...Over the Rainbow in Munchkin Land

Scene 5... Along the Yellow Brick Road

Scene 6... Poppies and Snowflakes

Scene 7... Emerald City

Scene 8... The Wizard's Throne Room


Prelude... In the Lair of the Wicked Witch

Scene 1... The Haunted Forest, Home of the Jitterbugs

Scene 2...Attack of the Flying Monkeys

Scene 3...Witch's Castle

Scene 4... The Heroic Rescue and "Liquidation"

Scene 5... The Throne Room - The Wizard unmasked

Scene 6... Farewell to Oz

Scene 7... Back Home in Kansas

Scene 8... Finale

The Songs (in order)

"Over The Rainbow"

"Come Out, Come Out"

"It Really Was No Miracle"

"We thank You Very Sweetly"

"Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead"

"As Mayor of the Munchkin City"

"As Coroner, I Must Aver"

"The Lullaby Leauge"

"The Lollipop Guild"

"We Welcome You To Munchkin Land"

"Follow The Yellow Brick Road/You're Off To See The Wizard"

"If I Only Had A Brain"

"We're Off To See The Wizard"

"If I Only Had A Heart"

"If I Only Had The Nerve"

"The Merry Old Land Of Oz"

"If I Were King Of The Forest"

"The Merry Old Land Of Oz"

"The Jitterbug"

"Over the Rainbow"

"Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead"

Finale Songs...

"We Welcome You To Munchkin Land"

"The Merry Old Land Of Oz"

"The Jitterbug"

"Over The Rainbow"

"We're Off To See The Wizard

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sergiopop dijo...


Tengo unos objetos de colección de la película de Victor Fleming, y quería venderlos a alguién que tenga un interés para ampliar su vitrina.

El enlace para verlas:


Profesor Farnsworth dijo...

Demasiado tarde y demasiado caro pero gracias por tu aporte.

sergiopop dijo...

¿Sabes de algún foro donde pueda vanderlas?

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